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Our Story


My name is Omar Zamudio Jr, and I’ve had an extreme interest in wildlife and nature ever since I can remember. A big part is appreciating and loving animals that generally don’t get enough attention.


A goal of mine is to bring more recognition to these animals, and I feel there’s no better way to do that than to...

  1. Ensure their good health/population

  2. Own and study them

  3. Share how incredible these animals are


Here at OZ’s Exotics, we work with many rare and endangered animals. This very much ties into the inspiration and reasoning behind our mindsets. Every day is just as important as the last, and we strive to get more people to have a similar perspective and appreciation for these animals.


Nothing makes us happier than seeing someone happy with their animal or us. It lets us know that the animal is appreciated and us. Plus, it’s a sign that you are on the right track.


I see a lot of myself in these animals, and anyone who makes an effort to watch these animals will see the same as well. It could be hard to disconnect from urban life and remember how perfect and beautiful life is outside, but watching or owning an animal makes it more accessible.

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